I am something of a Quake 3 Arena junkie. I mainly play against bots because my ping is always 250+ which means I get slaughtered online. (My lousy aim doesn't help either!) I don't play to win, I play for the architecture of the maps and the absurdity of fighting assorted fanboy icons (Ripley, Alien, The Joker, Evil Dead Ash, Pokemon's Jessie and James, Homer, the spiders from Eight Legged Freaks, Starship Trooper Bugs, Aeon Flux and many others...) in goth dungeons, space bases and Egyptian temples. It provides a model universe of how to integrate all architectural styles and cultural icons into a single entity. It achieves this amazing feat by making no sense at all and limiting interaction to violently murdering each other. Brilliant!

I play using an ASUS card that has stereoscopic glasses. I really like them and always play in stereo. It takes a little getting used to but its worth it, the extra depth adds a lot to the feel of the game. It makes a friend of mine motion sick though so I guess its not for everyone.

Now to slap down some keywords so Google picks me up...

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DLag500 MOD

I'm working on a Q3A mod called DLag500. The concept is a new kind of lag compensation (drawing heavily on the standard Instahit code) which adds unlagging to rockets/grenades/plasma as well as Instahit weapons AND allows a decent game even with a ping as high as 500.

DLag500 is currently at the alpha stage and should be beta ready soon.
I'm after Quakers interested in helping me test DLag500. Email me,

jared -at-
(replace the -at- with @)

We'll organise a test run. You'll get a credit as a tester too :)

BTW, its great fun messing with the Q3A source! But it can be hard to get it up and compiling. This link will take you to a debugged 1.32 source with all the qvm compilers etc ready to go! Plus instructions on how to set it up. All you need is a C editor.
(Hell, you could use Notepad, or the Q3A source editor Bandit provides. I use VC++ 6.).

TTKBANDIT's Debugged Q3A Source


The Regulator V1.3 (jarq3dm1, from here)
The Regulator V1.3 (jarq3dm1, from FilePlanet)
My first Q3A map. This version fixes some bugs from the earlier releases, has a slightly modified layout to increase the pace, and also new sounds (see Sound Crusher below).



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Quake3LevelRandomizer (Q3LR) creates a random Quake 3 Arena game based on your collection of maps, bots and weapons.

Stores pk3 files out of the way, HAVE OVER 1000 MAPS WITHOUT LONG LOADING TIMES!
Creates a config of 1 to 20 maps chosen randomly from your collection.
Populates the maps with bots and weapons from your collection.
In-built picture viewer lets you view jpegs over the "awaiting connection" screen.
Compatible with mods and all point releases of Quake 3 Arena.
Easy to use, highly configurable, and FREE.

If you already use a mod based randomizer (such as UIEnhanced), Q3LR can still be of great use. If you have a large collection of maps, bots and weapons (I have 1500 or so) Q3A won't even launch, with or without UIEnhanced. But because Q3LR is an application rather than a mod and only copies files to baseq3 as it needs them, it allows you to run Q3A without problems. You can then use the Q3LR random config or get UIEnhanced to create one from the files Q3LR has moved. And Q3LR also randomizes from your replacement weapon models, something mods can't do.

The excellent ExcessivePlus mod uses its own folder for configs as well as using two configs instead of one. Q3LR is now compatible with this.

BETA 0.999 RELEASED. Adds option to include or exclude standard Q3A maps and bots.
BETA 1.0 RELEASED. Double up the bots on big maps. Add new maps/bots/weapons without losing your place. And some bugs squashed.
Help File Update. How to keep a file in baseq3 if needed.
VERSION 1.1 RELEASED. Support for ExcessivePlus mod.
VERSION 1.11 RELEASED. Bugfix, ExcessivePlus checkbox.

VERSION 1.12 RELEASED. Bugfix, ExcessivePlus checkbox.


SOUND CRUSHER (In Development)

No Link Yet...

Modifies wav files for use in Quake 3 levels so that they compress better in the pk3. It still looks like a 22kHz 16 bit mono wav of the same length, but has better zip compression. Good sound quality can be maintained with a 70% compression, or if you really push it and can handle the crunch you can get 97% or more! Currently alpha testing. I used it in jarq3dm1 with fairly extreme settings, which was fine for mechanical/techno sounds.


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